Enjoy Quarantine With Your Favorite Celebs

Looking at the present scenario, they might not be working on some new project. But, they are certainly working on themselves, for themselves. But they are still doing their bit to keep us all encouraged and entertained amidst this unfortunate global pandemic situation. Abiding by the policy of self-isolation, our favourite bunch of celebs are staying indoors and optimistic about the fact that - “this shall too pass”! Quite just like us, they have even figured some way out to stay out of boredom by nurturing their hidden talent, bonding with their families and by giving us a sneak peek of their quarantine routine. Here are a few celebrities who are currently ruling over the social media for flaunting their “never-seen-before” side on the camera, just with a simple motto to #givealittlelove. So, without any further delay, let’s diggin some masala Bollywood quarantine updates.

Enjoy Quarantine With Your Favorite Celebs

1. Chef Shahid At Service

Kabir Singh fame, actor Shahid Kapoor recently turned into a chef to give his loving wifey, Mira Rajput a break from the kitchen. He made some yummy pancakes to treat his fam, and his wife couldn’t resist posting a picture of it on her Instagram story. Also, to make us even more envious, she said: “it tasted as yummy as it looked”. Is Mira Rajput, the luckiest girl or what?

Chef Shahid At Service

2. Katrina Kaif Turned Into A Domestic Help

Taking a break from shooting her upcoming movie, Sooryavanshi and to practise self-quarantine, this Bollywood beauty is taking one day at a time to experience the life of her domestic help. She took her social media account to show her fans how to do the dishes and then how to sweep the dirt off her house. It's indeed sweet yet quite hilarious to see her doing so.

Katrina Kaif Turned Into A Domestic Help

3. Maalish, Tel Maalish

Another celebrity who has been seen quite in touch with her fans on social media, during this period is Kriti Sanon. This jolly 29-year-old actress was seen having a gala time with her loving sister, Nupur Sanon recently over Champi (head massage with oil). Well, we are totally left in awe of her, seeing her bond with her sister as she self-quarantines with her family. Indeed, be it, Raksha Bandhan or this quarantine period, this sister duo has shown that they are #siblingsgoals!

Tel Maalish

4. Malaika Arora’s Culinary Skills Are On Point

A few days back when the lockdown situation wasn’t yet announced, this celebrity had donned her chef’s hat and took us through the recipe of Malabari Veg Stew. Yet again, she was seen to be back pursuing her passion for cooking. But this time, not with a main course, but with an Indian sweet dish - Besan ke Ladoos. Netizens were absolutely shocked to see her culinary skills so fine that the ladoos didn’t appear as if a first-timer made them. Appreciating her, we would say - “Well done, Malaika!”

Malaika Aroras Culinary Skills Are on Point

5. Taimur’s Step Towards Humanity

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan took to her social media account to show her son’s step towards humanity as Chote Nawab was seen to be busy planting some plants with his daddy. She captioned this picture of her two best men together with “My boys doing their bit! Together, let's make the world a better place for us all. Play your part... #StayHome #StaySafe #JantaCurfew.” This actress has proved education begins at home and parents are our first teachers. Commendable is the word for this Diva!

Taimurs Step Towards Humanity

6. Vicky Kaushal Brings Gym Indoors

This hottie recently shared a picture of many dumbbells, weights and an abs roller as he brings his gymming session indoors. Making the most of his idle time, Uri Actor was seen captioning this post with “quarantine stacking”. Well, Vicky! We can’t wait to see you soar the temperature while playing a lead in some movie again soon.

Vicky Kaushal Brings Gym Indoors

7. Shraddha Kapoor Motivates To Stay Fit And Fight Back

Spreading her motivation amongst all her fans, Aashiqui actress was seen recently to share her picture of working out at her terrace. From squats and running, working out would strengthen her immunity and keep lethargy at bay. So, she urged everyone to stay fit, stay indoors and to let’s together fight this deadly virus.

Watch short workout video of her, here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-XEBr5p50X/

Shraddha Kapoor Motivates To Stay Fit And Fight Back

8. Kavi Khurana Inspires With His Words Of Wisdom

  • “Galatiyaan Sarri Baksha De, Gar Baksh Sake
  • Daulat Shaurat Bhi Utni De, Jo Pach Sake.
  • Le Le Waapis Haisiyat Se Zyada Diya Ho Gar Tune,
  • Bas Dhyan Rahe Kabhi Kirdaar Pe Daag Na Lage”.

Wow! This man has got some real skills to inspire the world with his words. Urging rich people to do charity in whatever little manner one can in this pandemic situation, this supremely talented actor/VJ/singer has shared an important message to break the rich-poor gap to battle against this virus outbreak. He has urged every privileged person to go all out for the underprivileged ones because they are the ones suffering the most in such crisis time.

Watch The Full Video Here: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-XB7b2jRDI/

Kavi Khurana Inspires With His Words of Wisdom

9. Alia Bhatt Tries To Learn Something New

As every actor is currently under “no scripts please” mode, Alia Bhatt has taken up something new to keep her engaged, these days. These days, she has got a day planner and has started to brush her creative writing skills, a picture of which she was seen to caption with “Stay home & learn something new”. Well, indeed there’s no age to learn something new every day. Thank you, Alia, for inspiring us all!

Alia Bhatt Tries To Learn Something New

10. Meet The New TikTok Star Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra is having one hell of a time making funny videos for her and that of the entertainment of her fans over TikTok, these days. We absolutely love her TikTok videos and though she might not be making any movies, no doubt, she has increased her fanbase by entertaining them to the core over TikTok.

Meet The New TikTok Star Shilpa Shetty Kundra

11. Anupam Kher And Anil Kapoor’s Video Calling Session

To promote social distancing, even stars have got their past time scenes all sorted over video calling. As taking life updates from our jigrees is something we need to stay in touch with them, video calling apps are our real-life saviours. Anupam Kher was seen recently to have a chit-chat with his dear friend Anil Kapoor about his recent America trip and how India has been treating him. Quite a friendship! Isn’t it?

Watch their full video calling session here: AK status

Anupam Kher And Anil Kapoors Video Calling Session

12. SriLankan Beauty Turns Into A Musician

Jacqueline Fernandez was seen playing a piano to soothe everyone’s souls as she sends out prayers in the form of her melodious piece to all those who are suffering from this virus and also to those who are risking their lives for us. Indeed, she has a heart of gold!

SriLankan Beauty Turns Into A Musician

So, this was all about our favourite celebs and all about their quarantine and chill phase. Take cues from these celebs of leading a happy quarantine period and look after your health and safety.