Men, Brace Yourself! It’s International Men’s Day

In a recent talk show, Ayushmaan Khurrana Spoke about “Gentleman Kise Kehte hai”. It is the suit or a tie? Is it he always shoulder’s tradition? Or is it he is always fair in a fight? A man is not a man because he has six-packs, not because he earns, not because he can carry more weight than women. A man is truly a gentleman when he expresses, when he says he too feels cold, he too has a heart and he too feels the pain. Dedicated to all the men out there, you are truly a hero and just like any other relation, you too deserve to be celebrated. Not just, a single day but every day in specific!

Happy Men’s Day

The month of November is important for the masculine soul because it gathers many events that are important to men. The month is when we focus on raising funds for men's health. Remember that the day is not meant to compete against International Women's Day, but is intended to highlight men's experiences. Just as we celebrate Women's Day globally, we also have International Men's Day. Every year Men’s day is celebrated on November 19th all over the world. The day is dedicated to all men in the world and is celebrated to bring fore the topics that include toxic masculinity, male mental health issues and the prevalence of suicide in men. The day commemorates and celebrates a positive male image and brings to light the various issues that men face today. Every year this day is celebrated by more than 70 countries of the world including India, USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Hungary, etc.

It’s time to honor the men in our lives! With International Men’s Day around the corner, be sure you take full effort to make him feel special. Whether he is your husband, father, brother, boyfriend, or friend; show some love with sending him good wishes and a thoughtful gift. To help you out with this, we have curated various gift ideas for all kinds of men. Your choices range from electronics to accessories to stationery and more. Go on, look if any of this is perfect for him!

Photo Album

Every picture has a story to tell and that whats makes it special. This men’s day make your special man feel special by gifting him a photo album with a picture and the story behind it.

photo album with a picture

Personalized His/Her Mug

Imagine the morning he is standing by your side and you both are holding the coffee mug with the caption “He is mine”, “She is mine”; don’t you think the morning will be more beautiful with smiles on your face. This men’s day gift him something that will close to his heart.

a coffee mug with the caption

Plan a Surprise Spa Date

A little self-grooming hurt no one. However, go overboard on this day or go to the next level altogether. Book a luxurious spa date with your man and make him feel special in every possible way!

luxurious spa date

Rise ’n’ shine

If your man is someone who loves lotions and potions in his bath closet, then gift him a grooming set. This is something he is surely going to love.

grooming set


Which men don’t like to wear sunglasses? Nobody. This men’s day gift your man a pair of his favorite brand sunglasses.


Apart from that, you can also explore our gift, cakes, plants, and flowers section and look for different gift options to please your man.

The beauty of all men is that each one has a special quality, and it’s nice when you discover their true heart. Happy Men’s Day.