Little Things My Mum Does, I Never Thank Her For!

Abraham Lincoln said "All I am or Hope To Be, I Owe To My Angel Mother"

How relevant this statement by Lincoln, stands in our lives.

What we are, we owe it all to our mother. The loving, compassionate lady of the house, who is always busy doing things, to make sure our lives sail smoothly, each day, each moment. Her small little gestures are vital to us, those keep our big goals intact and we never have to worry about the daily mundane stuff that has the potential to run down the show, if not made available.

 Mother's Day Special

Here are a few of your mum's loving acts that she makes out of her unconditional love for you and most of the times you do not even notice them:

1. Saving you from your dad's fury

Oh, the exam results were too bad! Or maybe you messed up the credit card bills! Or worse still, you have lost your brand new smartphone your dad bought you last week! You are pretty sure that hell is going to break loose, when your dad comes to know of your frivolous actions! In these torturous moments, mum comes to rescue by cooking dad's favourite food to cool him down. She gives all kinds of excuses to your dad for your behaviour and even apologises on your behalf!

 Caring Mother

2. Staying up while you are out for late night partying with the friends

While you stay out having a gala time with friends, dancing away to glory, your caring mother stays up till you safely reach back home. Doesn't really matter to her if she isn't even well or hasn't slept for days together. She loves you and wants you safe, and that's all that matters to her.

 Thank you mom

3.Calling up a hundred times just to ensure that you aren't going hungry all day

She packs your lunch with all her love into it. You may choose to ignore the box and pick the cafeteria food or pizza over it, but she would still call you inundated, to make sure that at least you ate something and are not starving yourself.

 mothers day ideas

4. Keeping your things organised, even if you hate it!

Your clothes, your accessories, your books, or anything and everything of the smallest relevance to you are always found in their rightful place. Organising things for you, to the perfection, seems to be your mum's favourite task.

 mother day gift idea

5. Knowing exactly what you want

Whether it is how to bring you out from a grumpy mood by preparing your favorite dessert, or what clothes suit you the best, the things you need or that music CD you have been craving for, a Mother knows it all!

 mother day gifting idea

It's about time you express your love for your mum. Write a thank you note for her, order a Mother’s Day Gift Hamper buy a cute little present, or send Mother’s Day Flowers that you know will convey your gratitude in the best way to her.

Make this day, a day of happiness for her. Say "Thank You" Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!