7 Cartoon Characters your Mom acts like

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When it comes to mommies, we all know how many different forms she takes. She is so unpredictable that is difficult to map what she’d be the next moment. But then, it keeps us entertained. As kids, where we all watched Cartoon Network, I watched moms. I have observed both Cartoons and Mommies all around to draw some definite similarities between the two.

She depicts some strong characteristics of each of the below cartoons! .


That sudden spurt of genius when you least expect it. She suddenly turns into Dexter and devises unbelievable solutions for situations you gave up on by fixing things like a pro! Sounds familiar? .

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Be it Intelligent and a Natural leader like Blossom, Sweet yet Strong like Bubbles, or a Fighter like Buttercup OR All Three, your mom makes the perfect PowerPuff Girl!

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3. TOM

Remember as a little kid when you made some mischief? Your mom would suddenly turn into Tom and chase you around the house! But then you know no matter how much chasing around happens, you both are just inseparable. Good old days, eh?

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There’s no way on earth you are going to get money from her! If you do, she would need the details of every penny you spent. She becomes the ultimate Uncle Scrooge, a strict disciplinarian and stingy when it comes to giving you your monthly allowance. Well, that is mainly to make you responsible, but who understands then?

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But then, sometimes, she turns into a Genie and grants you all your wishes! If only she’d stay in that mode all the time. *sigh*

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And then those anger issues! It takes no time for mom to turn from a human into Hulk, ready to SMASH! She gets to the boiling point so quickly, but then soon melts like an ice cream. All it takes is a hug!

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No, you do not stand a chance when it comes to fooling your mom. A mommy just knows it all, however, she may choose to overlook it. She is the perfect detective like Droopy and will catch you if try to hide anything from her.

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But then we all know that all these forms that our moms take every now and then, make them even more adorable. Once you learn to identify these forms of moms, you’d enjoy it all. So, the next time she gets mad at you, you’ll laugh because you’d know that the Hulk Mode is activated and immediately forgive her.

You know she made your life beautiful, so, go make this Mother’s Day super special for your #SuperMom by gifting her Mother’s day flowers or bringing home a scrumptious Mother’s day Cake and celebrate the essence of your being, your mom.