Pets - Our Best Friends Forever

If you are a pet lover, you know the true meaning your pet holds in your life – a constant companion with unflinching love for you. You would know this if you have a dog or a cat maybe a hamster or even birds. If you know how to love animals, you know that true love in its purest form is taking care of an animal – no matter what its size or stature is.

Pets - Our Best Friends Forever!

An animal doesn’t know the ways of the world, probably why it yearns to be with you so much. You may have scolded, sometimes beaten or even rebuked your pet harshly for dirtying your linens or causing mischief, but even then, they come back running to you. That is true love.

Dog and Cat messing with Toilet Paper

So, Friendship Day is almost here. We have an idea for you. Why not celebrate Friendship Day with your furry little cutie for a change? Your human friends can wait. This year, dedicate some quality time for your pet – your one and only friend that never leaves your side, no matter what happens.

Here's why pets make the best friends one could ever ask for:

  • You will never be judged by your pet, even if you scold them.
  • They will always be by your side through every thick and thin – that is why your pet is always around you.
  • The beauty about them is that even if they belong to the Animal Kingdom, they accept you as you are without trying to change you one bit.
  • When you’re down in the dumps and are clutching yourself for comfort, your pet senses it and sits by your side, trying to act like a clown at times to cheer you up.
  • In the times of despair, pets defend us with their honour and pride – no one can even lay a fingernail on you if your pet doesn’t allow it. They are your everyday bodyguards.
  • They listen. You can trust them with your secret crushes or share problems knowing your secrets will always be safe with them.
  • They make the perfect playmates. Be it at home or in the park, a fun session with them is all you need to rejuvenate yourself.

Running with Pet Dog

Here are some fun activities you can do with your pet this Friendship Day:

  1. Bikejoring – For cats and dog owners. Take your four-legged cutie on a walk or run and have fun with a fully stress-busting exercise.
  2. Mushing – Make your pet pull on a string or toy and see them bounce around in joy. This can be tried with birds too.
  3. Special Food – Make your pet their most favourite food. A special cake with pet safe ingredients or some special treats that your pet can gorge on. Pamper them to the core.
  4. Make-up Session – Deck up your pet with a nice collar, trinkets or fancy clothes. Click funny selfies and upload them on social media platforms. Share some laughs and cherish these memories forever.
  5. Build Them A New Bed – Make a new resting place for your little bundle of joy where they love to spend their own ‘alone’ time. For cats, a new box is enough. A cosy corner to help them reflect on their thoughts.

So, let’s spend this Friendship Day with our true BFFs, our pets, who in every essence deserve to be celebrated each day for making our lives beautiful.

Dog and Cat giving high five