10 uncommon corporate Diwali gifts for clients & colleagues

Diwali is one of the biggest occasions that you can tap into to appreciate the efforts of your colleagues and clients. A thoughtful and amazing gift will allow you to express your best wishes and gratitude in a great way and thus helps fortify the bond of conviction. Purchasing gifts for clients and colleagues is a sure shot way to thank them for being a part of the team and expanding your corporate growth.

Corporate diwali gifts for clients and colleagues can be unique in a way wherein it can also promote the company. An out of box thought about the placement of traditional promotional products and unique corporate gifts effectively advertise your business.

Corporate Diwali Gifts for clients

These corporate gifts for clients and colleagues create long-lasting impressions and ensure a positive gesture that resonates with your brand and corporate clients, channel partners, colleagues as well.

A wide variety of promotional items, from inexpensive corporate executive gifts such as pure desi ghee sweets, dry fruits, homemade chocolates to show pieces to tabletop clocks, to more expensive and exclusive gifts such as electronic gadgets & apparel are available in the market. A range of engraved corporate gifts sets for big festivals like Diwali perhaps show a sign of loyalty being valued.

Besides the conventional ones, a wide array of unique corporate gifting ideas are available in the market. The rising popularity of custom promotional products, personalised and unique gift items has given wings to creativity. You can use your imagination and design the hamper of a package of sweets, dry fruits, chocolates and assorted gifts, and customised bumper stickers to personalised pens.

We are here for you to get rid of worry with thoughtful, popular and appreciated corporate Diwali Gift ideas.

Handmade cards

In the fast pace of this world, we often forget to thank the ones who make our lives better. Use this Diwali to make a handmade card that confesses your gratitude.

handmade cards

Gourmet gifts

Diwali is the time to relish on good food. Connoisseur gifts are the most popular Diwali gift idea for your employees. Hampers of sweets, dry fruits, cookies and chocolates range from a few hundred rupees to thousands. This exciting gift reflects your good wishes for your dear colleagues and business associates.

 Gourmet Gifts

Aroma diffusers

Another office friendly gift that is quite interesting. Customers can now purchase diffusers separately or even with a set of diffuser oils. The spectacular variety of diffusers available in the market is quite frankly astonishing!

Aroma Diffusers for clients

Electronic gadgets

Gifting an electronic gadget is also a popular appreciated Diwali Gift. Here the budget is a major concern. Popular electronic gadget gifts for Diwali include iPods, digital cameras, handy-cam, and DVD players. Home appliances like steam iron, toasters, microwave, Coffee-Makers, electric Kettles also find their place in this category.

Electronic gadgets for clients

Engraved purses

Other preferred Diwali gifts for corporate include paintings, candle stands, sculptures, flower vases, puja accessories, silver pens, gold coins, portfolio bags, business organisers, time-pieces, coaster sets, reading lamps, "Feng Shui" gifts and coffee table books.

Engraved purses for clients

Decorative candles

Diwali is a sensational celebration of lights and what can be a better suited gift for this occasion if not candles? There are many types, shapes, colours, etc. of candles available in the market to soothe indoor spaces. Gift your colleagues these decorative candles as a present. However, steer clear from paraffin wax and choose candles that are made of soy wax as the former has been associated with ailment causing agents that are released from the fumes.

Decorative candels for clients

Bluetooth earphones

Wireless technology has taken quite the leap! Top notch wireless electronics are all the rage. After all, they are easy to work out with, go for a run and even functionally independent while travelling - making bluetooth wireless earphones a great option!

Bluetooth earphones for clients


Indoor plants have many benefits to the overall health and well being of employees working in a confined space. To help your colleague spruce up their office decor and breathe a whiff of fresh air, consider getting them a plant this Diwali.

Plants for clients

Personalised gifts

These gifts surely sound cheesy but they are not! Customisable gifts are always cherished by people, even when they change their organisation or even move on in their lives. Think of the kind of gifts your workplace friend likes and get something similar customised!

Personalised gifts for clients


Finally, get your workplace friends and colleagues some flowers on this day. It is unique and fairly unexpected. Everyone will be thrilled and surprised at the same time. You can pick out a gorgeous bouquet or even a single flower that is associated with their birth months to make it more special!

Flowers for clients