Valentine Week Proposal Gift Ideas

Valentines Day is a special day to celebrate love and commitment, but love is not a one-shot one kill event. Love is a special feeling to appreciate and celebrate every day. With Valentines week around the corner, make the best impressions on the love of your life with thoughtful and romantic gifts. With online gift stores, you do not have to leave the comfort of your home on any day of Valentines week to buy gifts from Rose Day to Valentines Day. In this post, we share Valentine week proposal gift ideas. Read on.

Valentine Week Proposal Gift Ideas

Rose Day (7th February)

Offering loved ones a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers is one of the most significant gestures to express the deepest feelings and emotions. Valentines week starts with Rose Day. Since red is the colour of love, surprise your better half with a bouquet of red roses in a personalised wrapping paper, box, or vase. There are various other flower types that you can add to the flower arrangement like Lilies and Carnations.

Rose Day

Propose Day (8th February)

The propose day is a special day on Valentines week for people to propose love for their significant other. Make the best impressions on your better half with unique and personalised propose day gifts.

Propose Day

Chocolate Day (9th February)

Chocolates are sweet just like love. No one can resist a chocolate gesture. So, make the best impressions on your sweetheart on Chocolate Day with a box of assorted chocolates. Since you know your partner well, surprise them with their favourite chocolate flavours. Some of the most popular chocolates you will never go wrong with are Cadbury, Kit Kat Ferrero Rocher, and Kisses.

Chocolate Day

Teddy Day (10th February)

Teddy dolls are cute and cuddly. Express love and appreciation to your better half with a Teddy doll on Teddy Day. with Teddies - there is never enough. There is a wide variety of Teddy dolls from which to choose depending on size, colours, and personalisations. So, go ahead and add a new Teddy to your loved one’s collection!

Teddy Day

Promise Day (11th February)

Promise love and care to your better half on Promise Day with timeless gifts that will stand the test of time. Some of the best Propose Day gift items to consider presenting are photo frames, jewellery, god idols, plants, and journals. There are many gifting options from which to choose, so search for items that resonate with your loved one’s favourite options.

Promise Day

Hug Day (12th February)

Whether things are good or bad, a hud is a sign to show loved ones that you share the same happiness in the highs and support in the lows. Hug Day is a special day for lovers to strengthen their relationship. Let the love of your life know that - in your arms, they are safe and welcome all the time with heart-melting Hug Day gifts. You can assemble personal care hampers, chocolate combos, and many more!

Hug Day

Kiss Day (13th February)

The part “You may kiss the bride”, is one of the most celebrated moments at all weddings. Spruce up the romance this Kiss Day with Kiss Day gifts. Some of the best items to express your romantic gestures are personalised photo lamps, and mugs & coasters, and t-shirts, to name a few.

Valentine’s Day (14th February)

Express love and affection to your better half on Valentines Day with the ultimate romantic gifts. So, make the best impressions on your better half by completing the Valentine’s Day week with a lip-smacking and well-decorated cake. Pair up the cake surprise with more heart-melting gifts like a bouquet of flowers, a Teddy, a grooming/makeup kit, and chocolates.

Now you have the Valentines week list for gifting items. Go ahead and strengthen your bond with your significant other with thoughtful and unique gift items from your online gift store.