2 Easy Handmade Paper Flowers

Want to elevate your decoration game? Paper flowers are surprisingly easy to make, and the project is a great way to sharpen your paper craftsmanship. Yes, you heard that, right! Paper flowers are a completely low-maintenance way to brighten a room, decorate for parties, or make your loved ones smile. If you start making DIY paper flowers, you won't feel like you have to rush to invest in the tool. Here's an easy DIY to make handmade paper flowers using any colour coloured paper. Let's get started!

DIY Ideas for Handmade Paper Flowers

Colored Paper Flowers

Material Needed

- Colored paper (any color)
- craft glue
- scissors
- Pen


1. Using a round bowl or cookie cutter, locate the circles on your chosen colour craft paper. For this project, you will need 10-12 circles.
2. Cut the circles and set them aside.
3. Now, you will take a paper circle, and fold it in half.
4. Fold it in half again.
5. Then fold in half at a time.
6. Now, use your pen to trace a pattern around the rounded edge. You can choose any shape you want. Be it 'u' or 'v' shape.
7. Cut along the pattern removing bits of paper around the edges to create a flower slightly pointed edge pattern all around the circle.
8. Repeat this process on all circles.
9. Now, take a circle, and unfold it. Now using a pencil, tweezer, or knife to "crimp" around the edge going back and forth along the folds so that it has a rippled effect.
10. Put this piece on your work surface, then start polishing other folded pieces on it.
11. Unfold each piece of paper and glue it in the centre.
12. Add one final folded piece to the very centre, and fluff the pieces as desired.
13. Glue on a gift, attach with a wreath, or simply share as part of a centrepiece.

With a huge selection of gorgeous paper to choose from, you can come up with many different forms. Here are some ideas about things you can embellish using your handmade paper roses:

- Chunky Greeting Card
- Scrapbook layout
- Decorating canvas
- Garland
- topiaries
- Dress up
- Garland
- Shadow boxes
- birthday flower

Colored Paper Flowers

Next on the list is:

Peony Paper Flowers

Peonies are simply beautiful and classic. It is no wonder that we want to have them as our centrepieces, party decorations and room decorations. They make an incredible addition to any decoration. Here's another paper flower DIY

Preparation and equipment:

- glue gun
- cardstock
- wire stem
- Paper Blooms Shaping Mat and Rolling Equipment

1. Cut all peony pieces.
2. Apply strong pressure to the peony petals on the shaping mat using one of the medium-sized ball tools (0.7 cm). Cup each petal in a circular motion.
3. Once you cup the petals, roll the centre as well.
4. Use your fingers to tighten the petals slightly and position the petals so that they all fall in the same direction for a good spiral look.
5. Do this with all other peony petal layers.
6. For the last 2 petals- When you land under the last 2 petals, cup them but leave them a little more open.
7. Flip these 2 and roll the centre.
8. Glue the other ones over the petals alternately so that they do not stack directly.
9. Move to another peony piece and glue it over the last petals.
10. Fan the petals.

Peony Paper Flowers

So, these were some amazing DIY handmade paper flower ideas. These make the best handmade paper gifts of all time for your loved ones. Try making these at home.