7 Handmade Cards for Mom Birthday

Online social media postings and shoutouts might be trendy, but nothing beats good old handmade birthday cards for mom birthday. The best thing about a hand crafted birthday card is that it very well may be custom-made according to your mom’s preferences. You can pen down all that you love about your mom along with her photos as well. Another advantage is that you won’t have to go out on a shopping spree to find the perfect birthday gift for mom. If you are not much into DIY creative stuff, then don’t worry. We are here with some ideas to make a perfect handmade card for mother’s birthday. Scroll down below and have a look!

7 Handmade Cards for Mom Birthday

DIY Sprinkle Lollipop Birthday card

Add a little bit of creativity and surprise your mom on her birthday with a card which has some lollipops with sprinkler on then and inside that card write a sweet message which will be loved by your mom.

Handmade Sprinkle Lollipop Birthday Card for Mom

DIY LetterBoard Birthday Card

Do it yourself! Make a card on your own with your hands and add a little more love to her birthday present. Write a small message on the cover of the card and inside a small letter appreciating all her word and efforts she does for the whole family

Handmade LetterBoard Birthday Card

Mini Washi Tape Birthday Card

Thinking about gifting her something different? Well, how about you make mini greeting cards for her birthday with different messages in each and decorate them with washi tape.

Handmade Mini Washi Tape Birthday Card

Pom Pom Birthday Card

Is your mother a big fan of pom poms? If yes, make some pom poms out of wool or buy whatever is convenient for you, and then decorate the card with them.

DIY Pom Pom Birthday Card

DIY Embroidered Birthday Card

Make your mother proud with your embroidery skills by making her a card which has some embroidery work done by you. Make some cartoon characters or just a simple cake and balloon.

DIY Embroidered Birthday Card

Black Background DIY Birthday Card

Black is a classy colour, it's kind of a fact. Well, if your mother is a big fan of black then make a birthday card on a black sheet and make some tini tiny drawings and write a sweet message for her on it, and you are done.

Black Background DIY Birthday Card

DIY Leafy Card

Make a card which has leafy patterns, and win your mother's heart by surprising her with this cute leafy card.

Handmade Leafy Card

So, these were the different handmade birthday cards that you can easily design at home for your lovely mom. If you want detailed descriptions and tutorials for these handmade cards, you can always turn on to Google and Youtube for more graphical assistance. If you still can’t design some good cards, buy one from a reliable online gifting portal. Just make sure that you make your mom the happiest with your super thoughtful gift because it will mean a lot to her.

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