Benefits of Ordering Cake Online via FlowerAura Cake Shop in Delhi

Delhi- the place where people have great taste and a heart full of love, after all, Delhi is known as “dil walon ki” for a reason! Delhiites are loved by all, except for people from Mumbai of course, but they are just jealous. You can say Delhi is to India what cakes are of desserts. Talking about cakes, they are the scrumptious desserts that fill every occasion with happiness and tons of taste. These fantastic little creamy goodies are mostly the centrepiece of almost all occasions, therefore such an important part is not to be taken lightly. There are tons of cake shops in Delhi, but FlowerAura is the magical online bakery that fulfils all your cake wishes! We have been delivering online cakes in Delhi for over a decade now and we are proud to say that Delhi loves us as much we love it.

online cake delivery in Delhi

Cake delivery in Delhi from FlowerAura is the best, most reliable cake service in the town. We provide you with amazing services and options that no other online or local bakery can! Do not believe us? Well, read on to know about all the fantastic benefits of ordering FlowerAura cakes in Delhi and then make an informed decision. As we said before, a cake is not to be taken lightly!

1. Wide Variety of Delicious Cake Collection

If you have visited your nearby bakery then you must be aware of how limited the options are there. That is exactly what we wish to bring to the table- Freedom of choice! FlowerAura is loaded with a versatile range of amazingly delicious cakes for you to take your pick from. You do not have to settle for the old, boring types of cake when FlowerAura is providing designer cake delivery in Delhi right to your doorstep. All trending new cakes like Pinata Cakes, Pull-Me Up Cake, Hidden Picture Cakes, Photo Cakes, Bomb Cakes, and many more are available right at your fingertips.

order cake online in Delhi

2. Flexible and Punctual Delivery Timings

We understand that every occasion is special to you and it is only you who should decide what time is the best one for your delicious cake. That is why at FlowerAura you get the liberty of selecting the delivery timing according to your convenience. Get midnight cake delivery in Delhi from FlowerAura or go for a refreshing morning dessert with our special early morning delivery. If you have a special day in mind, just go for our fixed time delivery or if it is a “need a cake urgently” kinda situation- then don’t panic as FlowerAura provides express delivery!

benefit of online cake delivery services

3. Tons of Flavours

Not just types, FlowerAura brings you a plethora of flavours as well. FlowerAura’s goal is to bring all the delicious flavours from around to globe, to your table! That is why ou collection is full of exotic flavours that will make you go “wow”! Don’t just stick with traditionally scrummy chocolate cakes, tickle your taste buds with dainty flavours like black forest, red velvet, blueberry, caramel, fruit cakes, KitKat, and many more!

top cake flavours in Delhi

4. Better Prices

The Cake price in Delhi as with everything else is high! That is no news, however, the news is that FlowerAura provides online cake delivery in Delhi under 300! At our amazing store, you will find cakes that are of top-notch quality and that too at prices that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Wanna know how the most cost-effective half kg cake price in Delhi taste in Delhi, then give FlowerAura ago!

Better Prices of cakes in Delhi

5. Convenience

FlowerAura wishes to make your cake ordering experience better than ever. No need to roam around on the streets in search of that perfect dessert. Just go to our user-friendly online store and order online cakes from the convenience and comfort of your home.

6. Order Tracking Facilities

As much as we love hearing from our lovely customers, we do not want you to bother yourself by calling us now and again to know the status of your order. With our order tracking options, you will know where exactly your order is and how long it would take to reach its destination, pretty cool, right?

Order Tracking Facilities

7. Options for Every Occasion

FlowerAura makes ordering for a cake, a literal cakewalk! We know that deciding on a dessert can be stressful, that is why our super-friendly filters are there. We have cakes that are tailor-made for all occasions so that you can enjoy the cake that is made just for you!

Options for Every Occasion

With so many amazing benefits and so much more, it is understandable that FlowerAura is Delhi’s go-to cake shop!