Little Things We Do Unknowingly When We're In Love

Little Things We Do Unknowingly When We're In Love Love, a word extensively written and researched about. But the irony of being in love is that before it happens to you, you can come up with theories on the subject; but after it happens to you, you can say nothing but enjoy that beautiful phase of sheer bliss.

1.Holding Hands

Holding Hands

Remember the first time when they casually held your hand? Your racing heartbeat and how blood rushed through your veins? And after that, holding hands comes naturally followed by entwining fingers that simply lets the warmth travel effortlessly from one to another.

2.Listening To Unimportant Stuff

Listening To Unimportant Stuff

The unflinching want to listen to your lover blabbering about inconsequential stuff, which doesn’t even concern you, with a smile on your face, makes sure that you love him/her enough to enjoy the sound of their voice without paying attention to the words!

3.Letting Them Have Last Slice of Pizza

Letting Them Have Last Slice of Pizza

We all have had fights with siblings while growing up, over sharing food. The day you feel happy to let your lover have the last slice of pizza; just know that you’re in love, deep love! The pizza satisfaction for self becomes secondary when you know that it will be a precious moment for you to see your partner relishing the last bite.

4.Watching Them Sleep

Watching Them Sleep

Love happens on a daily basis, in small moments where love finds its meaning. Watching them drift into a deep slumber even when they’re softly snoring with their mouth partially open; only to realise you’re smiling and finding them adorable! Yes, that is Love!

5.Staying Awake Late Just to Have That Last Minute Talk

Staying Awake Late Just to Have That Last Minute Talk

Groggy eyed with water streaming from your eyes, your mouth constantly letting those long tired yawns out and your body craving for bed; yet you’re up just to talk to them. You want to hear about their day no matter how exhausted you are, being awake ‘just-one-more-minute’ that becomes an hour before you finally sleep. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what its!

6.Imperfections Become Adorable

Imperfections Become Adorable

Imperfectly perfect, is what love is! However, love is not perfect, we are not perfect, and circumstances are not perfect either, for an ideal setting, for the love to blossom. Despite that, the moment you accept your lover with all their imperfections and shortcomings without even realizing them, that is the day your love transcends the boundaries of sound logic and reasoning. It is only your heart and soul which does the talking and listening! Imperfections make love even more intriguing and alluring!

Now that it is established that you’re head over heels, don’t hesitate even for a moment to serenade your lover with your loving gestures. Remember, it means the world to them, so, let this engrossing love-story be filled with many such tiny little love moments to cherish for the lifetime!

Now that we know the hidden signs of being in love, let us show them how much we truly love them with the most visible sign, Roses.