Quarantine - Well not a Reason to Stop Working-out

Well, Well, Well! After the announcement of the lockdown, the gyms have been closed as well along with many other things. So, for all the gym freaks out there, worry not if you have to skip leg day or if you don’t have weights at home to do your workout and chest exercises. Surely the lockdown is in the interest of public safety, and you should follow it strictly. But, no one’s stopping you from doing a workout at home! Below, we have mentioned a very simple home workout plan without any equipment that you can follow to be in touch with the exercises. In case you are not into gymming and exercises, we strongly advise you to invest some of your quarantine time in these exercises!

Quarantine - Well not a Reason to Stop Working-out

40 Jumping Jacks

Before starting with any workout, it is really important to get warm. You don’t have a treadmill to run and get the blood rushing, but jumping jacks will do the work for you. Your heart rate will be up quickly and blood pumping. Just make sure you don’t disturb the neighbors below by jumping loudly on the floor.

Jumping Jacks

15 Tricep Dips

Snatch a chair! Literally, any chair that is of dining chair height. Ensure it won't slide out from below you. You can keep your knees straight or bent. Straight legs will give you an additional challenge. Put your hands on the chair with your fingers pointing towards the front, not the rear of the chair. Dip until your arms hit a 90-degree edge. Push up and repeat it 15 times.

Tricep Dips

30 Squats

Start with your feet about hip-width separated and point your toes forward. Line up where your knees are pointing to avoid injury. Set your arms out straight and keep them there the entire time as it's an incredible additional exercise for them! Now just sit back and squat profoundly, yet don't go farther than a 90-degree edge to save your knees. Stand up and repeat the process for 30 times.


1 Minute Plank

Although it is a tough exercise, it will surely be beneficial for your abs. Set a timer on stopwatch or phone and play some workout music in the background. Lay on the ground on your stomach. Now push yourself onto your toes and forearms and begin. Make sure that you engage your back and stomach muscles. Don’t let your hips drop as it will hurt.


15 Push-Ups

Well, we can understand if you are not much into exercises, this one’s going to hurt. You can start with sets of 5. You can even modify and do them on your knees in the beginning. Just make sure to keep your abs and back muscles engaged and don’t touch your stomach on the floor to support your back.


40 Bicycle Crunches

The last exercise to finish off your one set of the workout! Bicycle crunches are easy after all that you did. Don’t do it fast. Just make sure you play music maybe and slowly do this exercise. Also, try not to crunch your neck and reach up to the opposite knee.

Bicycle Crunches

Try to do two to three sets daily. The least you can do is two times for sure. Burn all the calories you have been gaining by eating all day while watching Netflix and Amazon Prime in quarantine. #givealittlelove to your body by performing these exercises and working out at your home! Happy quarantine! Stay inside! Stay safe! Stay healthy!