World Health Day 2020 - Support Nurses and Midwives

‘Health for All’

Today on #WorldHealthDay, let us not only pray for each other’s good health and well-being but also reaffirm our gratitude towards all those doctors, nurses, medical staff and healthcare workers who are bravely leading the battle against the COVID-19 menace- Narendra Modi

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7, to spread awareness about maintaining good health and a balanced lifestyle. The year 2020 has bought a lot! The panic of the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading. Millions of people are in danger, thousands have already lost the battle. The whole world is closed to fight this invisible enemy. Amidst the panic, there are people on the work front to save us, comfort us, and strengthen us. This World Health Day WHO has come up with a theme to express our gratitude and to celebrate the work of nurses and midwives around the world.

World Health Day 2020 - Support Nurses and  Midwives

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands and millions of nurses are leaving their comfort and safety behind to fight the COVID-19 crisis and help, those infected or suspected of coronavirus.

On this day, the World Health Organization conveys people to extend their gratitude and support nurses and midwives around the world. The WHO has named this year as ‘The International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife’.

The World Health Organization will launch the State of the World Nursing Report for the first time. It will provide a picture of the nursing workforce around the world and will also support an evidence-based plan to process the contribution of this workforce Improving health for all.

Health for All

Goals for World Health Day 2020

  • Create a wave of public support for the work of nurses and midwives and their role in providing health care.
  • Raise the role of nurses and midwives in the health sector.
  • Facilitate support and investment for nurses and midwives.

This year, celebrate world health day and show thanks and appreciation to all nurses and midwives. Just imagine that it would be grateful if all health professionals were thanked with flowers, cards, tweets, or messages using the hashtag #SupportNursesAndMidwives.

Public Support for the Work of Nurses and Midwives

Themes of World Health Day over the Years

  • 2019- Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere.
  • 2018 – Universal health coverage
  • 2017 – Depression
  • 2016 – Diabetes
  • 2015 – Food safety
  • 2014 – Vector-borne diseases
  • 2013 – Focus on high blood pressure
  • 2012 – Active ageing: Good health adds life to years
  • 2011 - Antibiotic resistance: No action today, no cure tomorrow
  • 2010 – 1000 cities, 1000 lives
  • 2009 – Save lives. Make hospitals safe in emergencies
  • 2008 – Protecting health from climate change
  • 2007 – Invest in health, build a safer future
  • 2006 – Working together for health
  • 2005 – Make every mother and child count
  • 2004 – Road Safety
  • 2003 – Healthy environments for children
  • 2002 – Move for health
Help Stop the Spread and Stay Healthy

PM Narendra Modi addressed people to follow practices such as social distancing which will protect our own lives as well as the lives of others. So, take a step forward each one of you out there, and do your bit like our doctors and nurses are doing. Each day they are leaving their comfort and working for long hours to ensure your safety. To honor the nurses and doctors, stay home and stay healthy. Your safety is in your hands. Keep yourself and your surroundings clean.

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