8 Perfect Answers To The Question How To Impress A Boy

First things first, Impressing a guy is no rocket science!

Let’s start with the basics. There are two kinds of women in the world. First, womenthat men find attractive, which are pretty commonly found considering the inherent traits of men being attracted to basically any kind of woman around the world, and the other kind of women who have the ability to not just attract but impress men. While we answer how to impress a boy, you’ll also find your answer to the question how to get a boyfriend.

So, you are looking forward to leave a lasting impression on him. Isn't it? Well, congratulations! You are in luck! We have got you tremendous ways to impress a guy that surely work.

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Deciphering the code how to make a guy fall for you can be tricky, however with these 8 tips to impress a guy, you can make any man swoon in your love. Moreover, it’s not just about impressing a guy using your body, but your intelligence and sense of humor.

1. Keep Stress off the table

At first, learning how to impress a guy can be a little stressful, but don't worry about it!

Brace yourself! Keep calm and make sure that you are being yourself. Showing signs of nervousness aren’t really good if you wish to impress a guy.

 A girl making fun to impress a boy
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2. No Bollywood Drama

You would definitely agree with me that as long as no one brings a sense of drama to our lives, we are happy to keep them. Guys take this a little too seriously. Little drama is acceptable but once you become their girlfriend, you gotta ensure that drama is kept at a bare minimum. You can also have a detailed advice on improving your relationship.

3. Intelligence Is Seductive

Intelligence is also something that guys absolutely love.

While a lot of girls think that guys are impressed by a girl playing dumb so that the guy can teach them something, it is actually the opposite.

A guy likes a girl who is smart, a girl who knows what they are talking about and who can teach them something!

An intelligent girl impressing a boy
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4. Over-doing anything is Bad – Even Dressing!

As mentioned earlier, boys like to keep away from drama, and therefore, over-dressing is not a nice way to impress them. In fact, guys are actually more impressed when a girl comes forward as smartly, sophisticatedly dressed rather being over -dressed.

5. Healthy Flirting Is Good

Stare right into his eyes with a slight smile and look somewhere else, can there be a better way to make a guy fall for you?

Healthy flirting your way into his life and into his good graces is a great way to really impress him and show him how outgoing you can be. You can also gift your man flowers to give it a kickstart.

Healthy Flirting always works. Period.

A girl flirting a boy in a healthy way
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6. Of course the essential, Be Funny

Who doesn’t love someone who can make them laugh?

Guys totally adore a girl who has a good sense of humor. If you can make a guy laugh, you half won half the battle, girls!

Yes, this one is a surefire. Be funny, but don’t be dumb.

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7. Play with your hair

Well… well… well… the time you spend playing with your hair is directly-proportional to how much can you make a guy fall for you.

Before you even start having disbelieving thoughts, here’s the deal. Men are truly fascinated with women’s hair. If you are asking how to dress to impress guys, you should wear a dress that leaves your neck uncovered and let your hair loose. For some reason this seems really appealing to men.

Healthy Flirting always works. Period.

A girl playing with her hair to impress a boy
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8. Always remember his favorite things

Yes, this is important for all kinds of relationships. Have a great memory, and remember the little things that he says to you or things that he sincerely adores, this will surely impress guys.

His favorite food or favorite drink? These are things that are important to your man!

So ladies, be ready to impress a guy using the tricks you just learned!


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