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  • WOW!!!

    The roses were delivered on time even though I placed the order last minute from Canada. Excellent service. I could track my order and no hassle. I would recommend there services.

    On 15th Nov 2018 from BANGALORE


  • was delivered on time in good condition

    the booking experience was smooth. the receiver confirmed receipt on time and there was no adverse comment so guess it was in good condition

    On 7th Sep 2018 from COIMBATORE


  • Prompt Delivery and Lovely flowers

    My order was last minute on 2 occasions that I ordered from FlowerAura, they not only accepted but delivered quickly and good quality product. Awesome service.

    On 25th May 2018 from GURGAON


  • Excellent Service

    Dear Floweraura, I have used your services on 4-5 occasions. Each time your service have been extremely satisfying. Thank You guys.

    On 4th Oct 2017 from PUNE


  • Excellent Service and timely s

    Excellent Service and timely service. The quality of the Flowers is very good.

    On 10th Mar 2017 from PUNE


  • The service was great

    The service was great. An area for improvement would be to include an estimated delivery time for regular orders.

    On 6th Jan 2017 from KOLKATA


  • The product delivery of your's

    The product delivery of your's is simply outstanding. Always on time. Thanks!!!

    On 15th Sep 2016 from KOLKATA