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Golden Syngonium In Red Ceramic Matki

Rs 525
Product Contains
  • Plant Name: Golden Syngonium
  • Plant Height: 3-4 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Type: 3-4 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Type: Foliage
  • Plant Location: Indoor
  • Vase Name: Red Matki
  • Vase Height: 4 Inches
  • Vase Material: Ceramic
Captivating and beautiful, the golden syngonium in red terracotta matki pot is a mesmerizing addition to any space. This enchanting plant showcases lush green leaves with stunning golden variegation, evoking a sense of elegance and grace. Housed in a vibrant red terracotta matki pot, this botanical gem brings a touch of warmth and charm to your home or office. The synergy between the golden foliage and the rustic red pot creates a harmonious balance, symbolizing abundance, growth, and positive energy. Whether placed on a windowsill, desk, or tabletop, this golden syngonium is sure to captivate hearts and uplift the ambiance with its natural beauty and magical allure.
Caring Tips
    Golden Syngonium
  • Its name "Arrowhead Vine" comes from the shape of its leaves, which resemble the tip of an arrowhead.
  • Place Syngonium in a well-lit area, but away from direct sunlight to prevent leaf damage.
  • Syngoniums enjoy higher humidity levels. To increase humidity, you can mist the leaves with water or place a tray of water near the plant.
  • Regularly check the soil moisture by inserting your finger into the soil. If it feels dry, water your plant thoroughly until water drains out from the bottom of the pot.

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Key Points

  • IndoorAvoid Direct Sunlight
  • Height4-6 Inches approx
  • WateringTwo to three times a week
  • Scientific NameEpipremnum Aureum

Product Review


9th Jul 2023
Occasion : Just Like That

Though part of the order was delivered earlier than planned I am very satisfied with the purchase. The gifts were well received. Thank you to the entire team!

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