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Syngonium N Money Plant Quadro Combo

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Product Contains
  • Plant Name: Pink & Green Syngonium, Golden & Green Money Plant
  • Plant Height: 3-4 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Location: Indoor
  • Vase Color: Gold, Silver,Bronze & Red Pot
  • Vase Height: 4 Inches
  • Vase Material: Metal
Prepare to be enchanted by this botanical masterpiece, featuring not one, but two Syngoniums and two Money Plants, each lovingly nestled in shimmering gold, silver, bronze, or red metal pots. These plants are more than just a pretty face - they're powerful symbols of growth, prosperity, and good fortune. The Syngonium's arrow-shaped leaves lead the way towards a life filled with abundance and purpose, while the Money Plant's round, flat leaves offer a glimpse of the wealth and success that's just around the corner. And the pots? They're like tiny talismans, each one radiating a unique energy and charm. The gold shimmers with opulence, the silver gleams with refinement, the bronze exudes strength, and the red pulses with passion. Together, these four stunning specimens create a dazzling display that's sure to enchant and inspire. It's the perfect gift for anyone seeking beauty, positivity, and good vibes in their lives.
Caring Tips
    The Syngonium Plant's
  • Scientific Name Is Derived From The Greek Words "Syn," Meaning Together, And "Gone," Meaning Seed, Referring To The Plant's Fused Seed Pods.
  • The Money Plant, Also Known As The "Pothos," Has Been Shown To Purify The Air By Removing Harmful Toxins, Making It A Popular Choice For Indoor Air Purification. Syngonium Plant:
  • Keep The Soil Moist But Not Waterlogged, As The Syngonium Plant Prefers Slightly Moist Conditions.
  • Place The Plant In A Location That Receives Bright, Indirect Sunlight, But Not Direct Sunlight As This May Scorch The Leaves.
  • Prune The Plant Regularly To Encourage Fuller Growth And Remove Any Yellowing Leaves.
  • Money Plant
  • Provide A Well Draining Soil Mix, And Allow The Soil To Dry Out Slightly Between Waterings.
  • Place The Plant In A Location That Receives Bright, Indirect Sunlight, But It Can Tolerate Low Light Conditions.
  • Avoid Placing The Plant In Cold Drafts, As It Prefers Warmer Temperatures And Can Be Sensitive To Temperature Changes.

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Key Points

  • IndoorAvoid Direct Sunlight
  • Height6 Inches approx
  • WateringTwo to three times a week
  • Scientific NameSyngonium

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