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Two Layer Lucky Bamboo In White Cube Pot

Rs 695
Product Contains
  • Plant Type:Good Luck
  • Plant Height:6-8 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Location:Indoor
  • Vase Name:White Cube Pot
  • Vase Height:4 Inches
  • Vase Material:Ceramic
Add a touch of elegance and luck to any space with this two layer lucky bamboo plant in ceramic white cube pot. This beautiful arrangement is not only a symbol of good fortune but also a stunning addition to any home or office. The vibrant green leaves and graceful stems create a sense of tranquility and balance, making it perfect for gifting or as a captivating decor piece. The ceramic white cube pot adds a modern and sophisticated touch, effortlessly blending with any interior style. Bring luck and beauty into your surroundings with this exquisite Lucky Bamboo plant.
Caring Tips
  • Lucky bamboo is considered a symbol of good luck and positive energy in many cultures, especially in Feng Shui. It is believed to bring prosperity, happiness, and harmony to its surroundings.
  • Watering: Lucky bamboo plants thrive in water, so keep their roots submerged in 1-3 inches of clean water. Change the water every 1-2 weeks to prevent the growth of algae and maintain freshness.
  • Light: Place your lucky bamboo in an area with bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight as it can scorch the leaves. Low light conditions can also be suitable, but the plant may grow slower.
  • Fertilizing: Feed your lucky bamboo plant with a diluted, balanced liquid fertilizer once every 2-3 months to promote healthy growth. Be cautious not to over-fertilize, as it can cause the leaves to turn yellow.

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Key Points

  • IndoorAvoid Direct Sunlight
  • Height3-4 Inches approx
  • WateringTwo to three times a week
  • Scientific NameDracaena sanderiana

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