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Aglaonema Plant In Stylish Terracotta Pot

Product Contains
  • Plant Name: Snow White Aglaonema
  • Plant & Vase Height: 7-8 Inches Approx.
  • Plant Type: Air Purifying
  • Vase Name: Black And Golden Terracotta Pot
  • Vase Material: Terracotta
Brighten any room with our soothing white pothos plant, beautifully potted in an eye-catching terracotta pot adorned with elegant black and golden stripes. This lush indoor greenery not only adds a touch of nature's calm but also enhances your home's aesthetic with its sophisticated container. Perfect for an office desk, living room shelf, or as a charming centrepiece on your dining table, this plant brings life and style wherever placed. Enjoy the serene beauty and a splash of artful design in one delightful package.
Caring Tips
    Aglaonema Snow White
  • Is not just visually appealing; it's also an excellent air purifier.
  • Light Requirements: Aglaonema Snow White thrives in medium to low light. Avoid direct sunlight, which can scorch its leaves.
  • Watering Routine: Water the plant when the topsoil feels dry. Over-watering can lead to root rot, so ensure the pot has adequate drainage.
  • Pruning and Cleaning: Regularly trim off any yellow or dead leaves to encourage new growth. Clean the leaves gently with a damp cloth to remove dust, which helps the plant breathe and absorb light efficiently.

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Key Points

  • IndoorAvoid Direct Sunlight
  • Height6 Inches approx
  • WateringTwo to three times a week
  • Scientific NameAglaonema

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