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Valentine Day Serenade Gift

Every year around this time of the year, searching for a single Happy Valentine's Day gift for our Valentine’s is always a tough task. But to cut that task short, and to help you with a wide range of Vday gifts 2021, FlowerAura is here. Being India’s no. 1 florist we are your friend who will never let you drown when you are out for the purchase of Valentines Gift ideas.

Our services are spread in almost 500+ cities of the nation, covering 150+ hyper-local cities of these cities. And when we talk about the delivery services, well, we are on-time. From same-day delivery to midnight surprise delivery, from instant delivery to express delivery in 3 hours, we have it all for every customer. So, now grab Valentine's Day gifts from FlowerAura and celebrate the season of Love.

And talking about what all we have to offer you? Well, from personalised keychains to photo frames, from mousepads to tote bags and other personalised stuff with same-day delivery in selected cities that can be opted as gifts for Valentines Day. Also, we have cakes to offer that come in heart-shaped, jar cakes, dry cakes, cupcakes, and more. Coming to flowers, from Red Roses to Carnations, from Star Lilies to Orchids and many more exotic flowers, we have it all. So when you are getting the best Valentine's Gift under one roof, why to wander here and there?

We are all aware of how love makes the world go round. We are not aware of how to express this love that we feel for our special someone on the most romantic day of the year. Valentine's Day - some of you may be awaiting the arrival of this day while others are dreading it. After all, not everyone is blessed with exceptional skills for picking out gifts. Think of all the times you have picked something which you thought would make a suitable valentine gift only to find out that the other person has not appreciated it enough. Giving a gift can be tricky. You need to rationalise the importance of the gift with how much the other person needs it in their life and consider other practical factors such as budget, tangibility, and whether it is perishable.

While giving a gift to someone on their anniversary, birthday or any other congratulatory event is not unnerving, gifting something to the love of your life on Valentine's Day is a different kind of stress-inducing chore!

Sure, you might be contemplating gifting Spa vouchers and gift certificates to your better half. FlowerAura is here to help you find, wrap and deliver the best heart-warming Valentine's Day gift to the 'apple of your eye'.

Let's not test your patience anymore and offer you a compilation of all the possible gifting items that you can consider this Valentine's Day.

  1. Flowers - There is no better valentine gift for your lover on the most romantic day of the year than a beautiful floral arrangement. Women especially cherish flowers. But men are not so far off either. For those who are simply in love with flowers, they can be easily impressed with a gorgeous bouquet. Red being the thematic colour of Valentine's Day, is widely popular. However, if you do not want to go with such a traditional and expected floral bunch, you can look at the other colour variants available at our online Valentine gift shop. We have not only traditional bouquets, but there are other contemporary floral arrangements available for valentine day 2021 celebration. Say your lady love is not particularly fond of roses, especially if they are red, you can Serenade her with a premium Purple Orchid Bouquet. The Purple orchids will remind her how she is the one for you how her uniqueness is the most attractive feature that you cherish her for. You will find many such other arrangements and floral combinations on our website to impress your Valentine.
  2. Cakes - Anyone who is fond of cakes will tell you how it is the single most piece of attraction for any celebration. Of course, your Valentine's Day cannot possibly be complete without one, can it? If your Valentine partner has a sweet tooth and likes celebrations, gifting them a Valentine special cake,'Hopeless Romantic customised chocolate cake' will help impress them without a doubt.If your special someone enjoys an elegant and moist cake with chocolate and vanilla combination, you can select any of the red velvet sprinkled cakes such as Untamed Affection. It is chocolate buttery red velvet crumbled cake is the perfect combination of casualty and deliciousness.
  3. Chocolates - Remember how back in the days, when you liked someone, you offered them a piece of your favourite chocolate? Sending Valentine chocolates to the ones you love and have crushes on have been an aged tradition. It came naturally within everyone. Sharing chocolates with your friends and partner is a very old expression of love and care. Chocolates are your best bet while selecting a Valentine's Day gift. On this day, send your better half a 'box it up with love' chocolate soft toy combo when you share chocolate and send them two very adorable puppy soft toys.If you want to send your lover a more grown-up and sophisticated Valentine chocolate gift, you can send them the 'love is all you need' customised chocolate bars.
  4. Soft toys - Soft toys come in all shapes and colours. The best thing about plush toys is that there are a lot of combinations available at FlowerAura's online Valentine gift store for you to take your pick! Browse to check out the trendiest valentine soft toys available at your disposal and the combinations that you may gift your lady. Whether it is a set of teddies, a 'pup in a basket' or a cute 'yellow plush duck,' you will be picking out a flawless gift to impress your Valentine.
  5. Personalised gifts - Nothing is better than getting a custom made gift for the occasion of Valentine's Day. When you present a personalised item to someone, it shows how much they mean to you. It shows how you have gone out of your way to impress someone special in your life and how much thought you have given to acquiring a gift for the special someone. Your partner will feel on the top of the world with their personalised or engraved gift item on Valentine day occasion and will be thrilled to accept such a gift.
  6. Plants - What can you give a partner who loves nature but dislikes flowers for a V-day gift? The answer to it is a plant. A small potted plant for the house is for the more mature relationships. Getting a plant as a valentine gift for your partner signifies how you both have matured over the years and are comfortable in each other's company. A potted plant as a V-day gift in a relationship signifies the stability and maturity a couple has achieved. It is a representation of how your partner has shown commitment and presence in the relationship. Instead of presenting your partner with a floral bunch, get her an exotic, healthy plant representing your love and stability. For Valentine gift delivery you can visit our online Valentine Store to checkout potted plants and plant combinations that will be available at your disposal the same day!
  7. Valentine serenade - Are you romantic? Do you get teary-eyed every time you watch romantic comedies? Do you find romantic gestures extremely comforting? You can do something exceptionally romantic for your partner then! At FlowerAura, we realise not every valuable gift has a physical existence. Some are just memories and moments bound together in the name of love. To create a memorable Valentine Day moment for you and your partner, FlowerAura gives you a list of romantic activities. Now you can serenade your partner. Plan the Valentine love week with different couple activities on each day of the week. Visit flower Aura online Valentine's Store to plan your Valentine serenade For the ‘love of your life.’ With Serenade gift you can schedule gift for each day of Valentine week strating from Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day to Valentine Day.
  8. Show pieces - Is your partner a huge fan of interior decoration? Maybe that is your cue to present a Valentine-themed decor to your beloved and becoming the most thoughtful partner ever. You can choose a Valentine showpiece gift for your better half such as 'You and I customised lamp,' or maybe a 'Valentine love calendar.' These small valentine gifts have a huge way of saying 'I love you and I cherish you' to your partner.
  9. Jewellery - All love jewellery. It is not gender-specific and can be given to anyone who can resist bling! This is a perfect Valentine gift to consider for the special lady in your life.
  10. Cosmetics - Buying a gift for the man in your life can be challenging for some; after all, men have some very specific refined taste when receiving gifts. Gifting your man a grooming product is a great way to mask a last-minute valentine gift purchase. Beard and Mustache oil for your man to maintain his grooming has to be the most straightforward and most obvious pic for a last-minute gift purchase.

Visit FlowerAura online Valentine's Day Gift Shopping Store and take your pick from our endless list of V-Day love gifts for the love of your life in a jiffy! There is something for everyone. Our expert gifting services in your Valentine's Day gift reach the recipient on time, and the items are of premium quality. We understand a Valentine's Day gift means something different to each individual. With that in our mind, we have created our online store for your Valentine day gift shopping to suit all your demands and expectations.

We guess you all are aware that Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and it is finally that time of the year when you can express your feelings and love for the special person in your life in your way. While gifts are one of the best options to surprise your valentine, choosing the perfect token of love can sometimes be very tricky. It is essential that your present is not only loved by your ‘BAE’ but also rhymes with their likes, dislikes, personality and aura. FlowerAura brings you lovely and unique Valentine gifts of every style that will complement your man or woman and make them feel special. Let’s ransack this together and find the perfect gift for your valentine.

Valentine Gifts For Him

While there may be many unending Valentine Day gift options for girls available everywhere, it is a little tedious to find the best gift for your man. Here are some fantastic and meaningful gift ideas that will surely amaze your valentine.

  1. Wallets: For all the men who love to make a style statement, wallets are a great pick. You can choose from a variety of leather to cloth wallets. Passport wallets are also a great option, and if your ‘BAE’ already has one, it is time to get rid of that old one for the styles keep changing with time, and your guy would like to stay updated. From Croco blue passport wallets to carbon black options, we have an array of choices for you.
  2. Gift Hampers:Not able to decide on one single gift that reflects your man’s personality? Well, why would you want to settle for one when you can give him a gift hamper. From ready-made chocolate hampers for his sweet tooth to customized hampers with some of his favourite goodies, you can provide him with anything and everything he wants. You can go for a useful accessories hamper with a belt, key chain or wallet or opt for a personalized cushion and mug hamper.
  3. Travel Accessories:Is your guy a travel freak? Well, what better gift than travel accessories to give him on Valentine’s Day. There is an array of accessories including passport wallets, fancy sippers, hip flasks and travel diaries that you can pick. You can also customize each of these accessories and surprise him entirely on this special day. A custom travel hamper including a keychain, luggage tag, passport wallet, and the cardholder is all he needs.
  4. Perfumes:Men love fragrances, and so do women, and if your man loves to smell good, scents should be on the top of your bucket list. FlowerAura offers perfumes of some of the best brands, including Man Company. Add a touch of personalization to the fragrance by customizing the bottle as per your preference and adding a cute message to express your love.
  5. Grooming Kit:Add style to your man’s look by gifting him a grooming kit that will add a spark to his look. You can give him an all-inclusive men’s kit which has grooming products like face wash, beard cream, beard oil, comb and even razor. You can also go for a hair or beard care kit with all the essentials he needs to keep you slaying with his groomed look.
  6. Digital Posters:Go a little off-beat this Valentine’s Day and dedicate a personalized digital poster to your man. There are a lot of themes that you can choose from, including newspapers, magazines and postcards. You can also give him a certificate of fondness, or the best boyfriend or husband award and play around while being lovable on this special day.

Valentine Gifts for Her

Is it getting difficult for you to plan the valentine gifts for the love of your life? Well, do not get confused and add each of these gift ideas to your to-do list for these will surely take your girl’ heart away.

  1. Photo Lamps:Does your girl love lights? If yes, why not light up her Valentine's Day with a customized photo lamp. Sounds like a good option, right? Be it a cube-shaped lamp surrounded by your beautiful photos on all sides or a personalized bottle lamp with a beautiful moment captured, we are sure that she will love you for this. You can also find LED as well as rotating lamps that look equally beautiful.
  2. Cushions: Make your girl go nostalgic over the beautiful moments of life that you have spent together by giving her a customized cushion with adorable photos printed. Led photo cushions are also available at FlowerAura and varied options like vintage love cushions, and heart cushions perfect for Valentine’s Day.
  3. Personalized Clocks:Time is relentless, and so is your love for the queen of your heart. Express love with a personalized clock with your photos imprinted or a lovely message dedicated to your wife or girlfriend. From family table clocks, together forever wall clocks to customized wristwatches, there is an array of choice for you to pick from and impress your girl.
  4. Handbags: Let your woman walk in style with an elegant and sophisticated handbag that rhymes perfectly well with her personality. Be it a handcrafted tote bag or a personalized laptop bag that she can carry to work, or a travel kit that she can carry out on all her ventures; this bag will surely complement her stylish look.
  5. Chocolate Hampers:Does your girl have a sweet tooth? If yes, why not delight her with an assortment of chocolates on Valentine's Day? There are various types of chocolate hampers that you can give her, including chocolates, hearts, teddys, greetings, and other cute things. A collection of her favourite chocolates is also a great surprise for this special day.
  6. Teddies:Gift your girl a cute little friend with whom she can cuddle at night in your absence. Teddies are the most extraordinary and adorable presents and especially loved by girls. From couples teddies to teddies with heart, these valentine themed soft toys are the perfect pick that will make your girl go all mushy and happy with joy.

7th Feb - Rose Day: Rose Day is the First Day of Valentine's Week and it is celebrated by youths and they gift rose to their loved ones.

Gift Ideas: Beautiful Red Roses bunch and Heart Shaped floral Arrangements are the best suited gifts for this day.

8th Feb - Propose Day: The second day of the valentine week is celebrated as the Propose Day. It is the most romantic day of Valentine Week. Youths propose their valentines in different ways on this day by gifting flowers, teddies, etc.

Gift Ideas: Teddy, I Love You Greeting Cards, Flower Combos, Single Red Rose, Golden Rose

9th Feb - Chocolate Day: The third day of Valentine week is celebrated as the Chocolate Day. They gift each other lip smacking chocolates which signify the sweetest bond of a relationship.

Gift Ideas: Chocolates, Cakes, Chocolate Gift Hampers, Chocolate Combos and Chocolate bouquet

10th Feb - Teddy Day: The fourth day of Valentine week is celebrated by couple as the Teddy Day. On this day, couples gifts teddy to celebrate the cutest and special moments in a relationship.

Gift Ideas: Teddy bear, Cute Soft Toys, Teddy along with flowers and other Teddy special Combos

11th Feb - Promise Day: Promise day is the 5th day of Valentine Week and is celebrated on 11th Feb. It is a very important day for companions and couples, they build trust in their relationship by giving beautiful gifts.

Gift Ideas: Heart Shaped Flower Arrangements, Love plants, Teddy, Chocolates, Personalised Gift

12th Feb - Hug Day: 12th February is the 6th Day of Valentine Week and it is celebrated as the Hug day. On this beautiful day, companions and couples show their feelings by Hugging their beloved and making them feel special and on top of the world.

Gift Ideas: Personalised Cushion, Teddy and Any combination of teddy is the best gift.

13th Feb - Kiss Day: It is the 7th day of Valentine week which is celebrated on 13th February of every year. Kiss Day is mainly celebrated by Lovers and couples in many countries. On this day people kiss ( a Symbol of Love) the special one of their life. Make your Partner Feel Special by Kissing them on their Forehead.

Gift Ideas: "I Kiss" or "I Love you" quoted kiss shape teddy, I Love You Message Gift

14th Feb - Valentine Day: In the End, Valentine's Day - The day of Love. It is the last and most important day which is celebrated throughout the world.

Gift Ideas:Red rose floral arrangement, Happy Valentine Greeting Cards With Gift,Flower and chocolate combo and Cakes

Valentine's Day is celebrated across the globe with utmost love. People celebrate this day by expressing their love and appreciation for their special ones. Romantic dates, marriage proposals and love-filled holidays are common features of this special day. For many, gifting a card, a box of chocolates, a piece of jewellery, or gifting roses, is synonymous to Valentine's Day. Everyone tries to make it a memorable occasion for the ones they love.

With Valentine's week around the corner, it will not be inappropriate to say that love is in the air. There are shops and malls, which are embellished with loving gifts and hampers. So this Valentine's doesn't just let your heart be limited to the feeling of love, for the one who resides there. In fact, pick up some nice gifts from FlowerAura's collection of Valentine's gifts for 2021 and express the love which you feel for the special person in your life. We have an entire range of Valentine's gifts for husband, wife, girlfriend, and boyfriend that will help you in picking up the best gift for your lover.

If you are looking for Valentine's Day gifts for her, then we have some meaningful gifts that your girlfriend or wife will treasure for her entire lifetime. Some of the amazing Valentine's day gifts for her that you can pick from our website are personalised tote bags, jewellery, personalised cushions, exotic flowers, teddy bears, and many more. In short, our online gift portal contains all types of gifts that can create magic in your Valentine's week. For example, we also have a huge collection of gifts for Rose day, Hug day, Chocolate day, and Kiss day too because celebrating every day will infuse more love and affection into your relationship.

Valentine Gifts in India

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To express your greetings for the man of your life this Valentine’s Day, you can choose from our special range of Valentine's unique gifts dedicated only to men. In our category for Valentine's day gifts for him, you can find some outstanding gifts for men that you won't get anywhere else. For example, you can check our amazing goodies and hampers for your special man containing Park Avenue Men's Kit, Love Roll Letters, Personalised Keychains, Personalised Bar accessories, Best Husband Mug, and many more.

Apart from these Valentine's gift ideas, we have on display a special range for Valentine's week marked for the days such as "Kiss Day", "Hug Day", "Teddy Day" and "Chocolate Day". Our gift and flower combos named "Love Express", "Romantic Thrill", "Red Kiss Heart", and "Kiss You Mugs" are among hot favourites for the lovers. There are beautiful bouquets for Rose Day. Then there is the most amazing and cuddly teddy collection for Teddy Day. We also have delicious treats like exotic chocolates and mouth-watering cakes to infuse sweetness in your love life on Chocolate Day. Whether you love simple arrangements or has an exquisite taste, you can rely on Valentine's flower delivery of our ace online website.

No matter how busy you are, this Valentine's Day does not forget to indulge in a romantic affair with the love of your life. Now, through our online gift portal, you can send the best Valentine’s gift to your lover and make your relationship stronger. Yes, even if you live in a different city or country, now sending romantic Valentine's Day gifts online is a hassle-free task with us. All you need is to pick an amazing gift for your lover from us and place an order. Yes, in just a few clicks now you can send Valentine's Day special gifts to India from worldwide. Remember, a single gift from you on Valentine's Day could make your relationship last for a long time. Although Valentine's trend says boys should gift girls, you can show your utmost affection for your special man by taking the lead this time. You can scroll through our collection of Valentine's gifts for boyfriend to mark the occasion with utmost passion and romance. The gift will make sure to enhance the depth of your love and togetherness in the relation which you can cherish and hold close to heart.

With the help of the internet, now you can easily explore the finest of options for creative Valentine's gifts online, at our ace website of FlowerAura. You simply cannot and should not let go of Valentine's week without gifts. You need to remember that the foundation of any and every relation is love, and gifts have the power to double your love. Hence, it is best to nurture it for the most special person of your life, with the best gifts for Valentine's Day. Therefore, at FlowerAura, we put our best foot forward by introducing attractive Valentine's Day flowers and gifts for all our patrons, every year. To enhance the love and togetherness in your relationship, FlowerAura also ensures you express delivery within 3 hours. We make sure that this day becomes a remembrance for all who choose to pamper the partners through our passionate range of Valentine's gifts like flower arrangements, special gift hampers, chocolate combos, and rose bunches. Check out our huge collection of Valentine's gifts for you which will act as a symbol of love in your relations.

Now, through our online gift portal, you can enjoy same-day and midnight delivery of Valentine's Day gifts. Yes, suppose you have ordered a bouquet from us, and you want it to get delivered to your girlfriend right at midnight. Then, our team will deliver your ordered product to the recipient at your desired time. Usually, our delivery team takes only a few hours to deliver products to your doorsteps. Also, to your delight, orders for Valentine's Day gift within India, we provide free home delivery (in normal delivery option). If you live abroad and want to send Valentine's gifts for your wife in India, then we facilitate our international customers with free shipping across India. So, you can also make the best of all the tempting online offers for Valentine's Day and pamper your partner with FlowerAura’s delivery service. The special gift for the love of your life is sure to add positivity in your relationship.

FlowerAura is one of the most popular online gift stores in India, where you can get a huge collection of unique and highly enticing gift items. Ranging from Valentine's Day special bouquets, attractive floral combos, Valentine's Day cakes, loving gift combos, Valentine's plants to greetings cards, coffee mugs, romantic photo-frames, etc. we have it all. If you are completely drawn in love and planning to go for the perfect love gift, FlowerAura could be your best next step solution. With our Valentine's gift ideas, you can choose a special gift for your Valentine's partner.

When you are selecting Valentine's Day special gift for the most special person of your life, you should always choose gifts that can express your care, and admiration in the best manner and FlowerAura truly understands this fact. Each of these gifts offered from our online store come with a very heart touching love vibe that can easily win the heart of your loved one.

FlowerAura always understands the sentiment of true love, and that's why the gifts available at our online store, can express your emotion in the best way.

Valentine Gifts for Her: Valentine's Day is the perfect time to confess your deepest emotions for someone very special. It's the ideal time to leave an everlasting impression in her heart with the best Valentine gift from our online gift portal. Now, order the best Valentine gift for your lover online from the comfort of your home.

Valentine Gifts for Him: Surfing the internet for the best Valentine Day special gifts for the best man in your life? Well, you don't have to look any further because FlowerAura brings to you a wide range of Valentine gifts online in India that are sure to help you win their hearts. From customized mugs to grooming kits, keychains to perfumes, chocolates to houseplants, there are a wide range of gifts that will surely please the man you love.

Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend: Want to plan a special surprise for your boyfriend on Valentine's Day but are running out of ideas? Well, fret not because we are here to help you with our wide range of amazing gifts that will make him feel extremely pampered. The best part is that now you don't have to go outside to order a perfect Valentine gift for your boyfriend because you can simply sit at your home and opt for valentine day gift online shopping from FlowerAura.

Valentine Gifts for Girlfriend: If you want to impress your girlfriend on Valentine's Day then, the gift you are going to choose for her has to be really special. At FlowerAura, you can find the best valentine day special gift that she will treasure forever. And, in case, your girlfriend stays miles apart from you, in a different city then, you don’t have to feel sad because now you can send valentine gifts to India in more than 200+ cities with us. So, send a gift for valentine for your girlfriend and make her feel special even from miles away only with FlowerAura.

Valentine Gifts for Husband: You may not tell your husband it often but your life couldn't have been this happier without him. Right? So, why not tell your husband that you love him immensely and you feel blessed to have him in your life on Valentine's Day? Well, if you think just words wouldn't be enough to describe your love for him then, shop an online gift for valentine day from our gift store and make him feel valued on February 14th.

Valentine Gifts for Wife: Have you ever imagined how your life would have been without your wonderful wife? Well, your life wouldn't have been this meaningful without her presence. So, this Valentine's Day, why don't celebrate her presence in your life by surprising her with a special gift. Opt for Valentine online shopping with us from the comfort of your home and make your wifey feel loved on Valentine's Day.

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  1. The origin of Valentine's day celebration dates back to 3rd century Rome. Although there are many stories behind the birth of Valentine's day but according to the most popular beliefs this day is celebrated all in the name of Saint Valentine.
  2. He was a priest from Rome who lived during the reign of Emperor Claudius II in the third century AD. It is said that Emperor Claudius II had banned marriages of Roman men for he believed married men to be weak during wartime.
  3. St. Valentine began to arrange marriages of all the lovers secretly where he performed all the rituals for the couples. When Emperor Claudius II learned about this plight, he executed St. Valentine along with two other men.
  4. When St. Valentine was thrown into jail before his execution, he fell in love there with the Jailer's daughter. Thus, when he was taken to be killed on 14th February, he wrote a letter to the Jailer's daughter that quoted 'From Your Valentine'.
  5. Since then the custom of sending anonymous cards or love letters to lovers have become the most prominent way of celebrating Valentine's day.
  6. In fact, each year on Valentine's day, the city of Verona, where Shakespeare's lovebirds Romeo and Juliet lived, receives more than a thousand letters addressed to the beautiful Juliet.
  7. However, nowadays, people send gifts, chocolates, flowers to their lovers on Valentine's day to express their affection.

So, if you also want to send a token of your love to the Juliet in your life, this Valentine's day browse through our huge collection of Valentine gifts for girlfriend.

The season of love is here! It’s valentine! As we all are responsible for taking care of the society as a whole, we request you not to spread corona instead spread love in the air with a surprise gift for Valentine day. Love is one of the most beautiful feelings of the world, and thus it deserves to be celebrated with utmost excitement and joy. If you have ever felt the butterflies for someone in your life and you haven’t told the person about that, Valentine is the best occasion to convey your heartiest feelings. And if you are in a love relationship, then Valentine is the week to celebrate your bond and the relation that you both have formed with each other. You must surprise your partner with something special. FlowerAura, India’s no. 1 online gift shop, provides you with a valentine day gift option for BF and GF. Date nights and movie outings are lovely to celebrate valentine week, but if your love partner lives far away from us, then you use FlowerAura’s Valentine day gift delivery in India service to send the gift right at their doorstep.

Valentine is surely the occasion that brings two souls together in love. People who want to convey their love to someone pick Valentines as the occasion to do the lovely task. But to convey feelings in a way that they can reach the heart of another person, you surely need a special token. FlowerAura provides extraordinary personalised gifts for Valentine week. And to keep the atmosphere of love intact from the coronavirus, FlowerAura ensures safe packaging and delivery of the gifts. If gift items don't fit your expectations, then you can also order a delicious and mouth-watering valentine cake. To ensure the 100% protection from COVID-19;

When it comes to making Valentine’s Day special, it can’t be done without a perfect gift for your partner. Right? And, as you know that finding a perfect Valentine gift for your partner is really difficult due to various reasons like limited options, high price, crowd, and many more. But, with FlowerAura’s online shopping for Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to step outside to buy a perfect gift for your partner. Instead of it, you can simply sit at your home and order a Valentine gift online from the comfort of your home. Also, we provide a wide range of Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her both all available at affordable prices. So, you can rely on us to buy online valentine gifts in India. The best part is that we ensure same day gift delivery to our customers to make their Valentine gifts online shopping experience a hassle free one with us.

Well, when it comes to our Valentine’s Day gift delivery, let us tell you that we have been delivering gifts for 7 years in more than 200+ cities across India. We provide express Valentine gift delivery to our customers that aims in delivering gifts just within a few hours of your order placement. To make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one, we also ensure midnight gift delivery via which you can surprise your partner by sending a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift to his or her doorstep at 12 a.m.

Of course, you can send Valentine gifts online for your partner just in a few clicks with us. For example, if you are in a long-distance relationship with your partner and cannot make it to his or her place on Valentine’s Day due to your hectic schedule, you don’t have to be sad about it, because now you can avail Valentine's day gifts online delivery and send gifts for your partner living in a different city and make him or her feel special on Valentine’s Day.

Although you should celebrate the love of your life every day, Valentine’s Day is recognized as the official day to celebrate love across the world. It’s a week-long celebration of love that starts with Rose Day followed by Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, and Valentine’s Day. On these special days, people buy flowers, cards, teddies, chocolates, and different other Valentine’s Day presents to profess their love, care, and affection for their partners.

Yes, you can send Valentine special gifts for your partner online along with a personal message that you want to convey to him or her. We also suggest you a list of messages that you can edit and send to your partner along with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Yes, we offer a wide range of meaningful gifts for Rose Day, Kiss Day, Hug Day etc that you can order or send for your partner online via our valentine day gift online delivery. We also offer a wide range of beautiful Valentine’s Day serenade that includes a bouquet of flowers for each day that comes in the Valentine week.

Well, the greatest gift idea is to be thoughtful! You've got to do something out of the box! Take them to places and surprise them with flowers, regal bouquets, chocolate bouquets, cakes, photo gifts. Plan a perfect date, make their heart beat faster, and fill their day with love wali feelings!

From attractive combos, Valentine's flowers, Valentine's hampers, Valentine's chocolates, Valentine's cakes, cards, mugs, plants and cushions are some of the popular Valentine's day gifts

A Valentine's flower bouquet, along with some gift that would fill in your absence for her, would be like the best Valentine's gif for your long-distance girlfriend. To surprise to her core, you can also opt for same day, midnight or express delivery on our gifts.

You can send our Valentine's special cakes, cards, mugs, plant, cushion, chocolate and combos are sure to bring a smile on your Valentine's face." "How can I make my valentines romantic?

To make your Valentine's romantic, all you have to do is treat your Valentine with our romantic gifts collection and take her out on a date. His/her hear is going to melt into tears, seeing such a gesture.

When it comes to romance, it is the little things that matter. The thoughtful gestures, souvenirs of the forgotten days, you can be romantic simply by displaying your emotions either by gestures or by gifts. If that's still hard to do, you can browse through FlowerAura, as this gift portal avails special romantic gifts for the moments that can't be put into words.

Well, the day is about love and nothing else. So, display your love at utmost. Avoid complaining, let go of the little mistakes, do not judge the gift by its price, it is okay not to fight for a day, and last of all, try to spend the day more with your partner and less with your phone.

While they say to keep your emotions hidden, we say to show your feelings to your loved ones with any heartfelt the gift that you want. After all, it is love that makes the world go round. Love and to be loved, is the ultimate happiness we all are trying to achieve. Pronounce your love to your beloved this Valentine and make this world a better place to live.

वैलेंटाइन डे प्रेमियों का खास दिन है। हर वर्ष 14 फरवरी को ये दिन प्रेम दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाता है। इस त्योहार को युवा वर्ग खासतौर पर मनाता है। इस दिन प्रेमी जोड़ो को एक साथ हाथों में हाथ डाले घुमते हुए देखा जा सकता है। अलग - अलग तरह के तोहफों से प्रेमी युगल अपने प्यार का इजहार करते है। वैलेंटाइन वीक में सात दिन होते है जो रोज डे (7-फरवरी) , प्रपोज़ डे (8-फरवरी), चॉकलेट डे (9-फरवरी), टेडी डे (10-फरवरी), प्रॉमिस डे (11-फरवरी), हग डे (12-फरवरी) , किस डे (13-फरवरी) के नाम से जाने जाते है। गुलाब का फूल, चॉकलेट, टेडी बेयर इत्यादि इस दिन दिए जाने वाले कुछ प्रमुख तोहफे है। रोम के एक संत वैलेंटाइन के बलिदान से शुरू होने वाला ये त्यौहार आज यूरोपियन देशों के अलावा पूरी दुनिया में प्रसिद्ध हो चुका है।

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